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Sourcefabric is established as a Czech non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Prague, branches in Berlin and Toronto, and representatives in Minsk, Guatemala, Warsaw, Belgrade and Cluj. It started life as CAMP in 1998, the new-media arm of the Media Development Investment Fund

In 2010 it launched as a wholly autonomous organisation securing private funding that propelled Sourcefabric into the ranks of one of the largest European open source projects for news and media. Read more here

Engaging a young generation of radio enthusiasts, the technology non-profit Sourcefabric has teamed up with journalists and media advocates in Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Nagorno Karabakh to develop a radio network called This project aims to support democracy and human rights in the South Caucasus through a growing number of locally produced radio shows and channels, created and maintained by civil society organisations and groups of young people.





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